The Prince of Wales, Prince Charles, has tested positive for having COVID-19. Apparently he tested positive just yesterday after taking the test on Monday. His age and health are being cited as the main reason for offering him the test – the Prince is 71 years old.

It’s being reported his symptoms are mild, and he’s expected to make a full recovery. As of yet, there’s been no need to take him to the hospital.

However, CNN found out he’s been under self-isolation since March 13th, one day after his last public outing as a part of his royal duties. Prince Charles is holed up at his Scottish home in Aberdeenshire where he has a staff, but it’s said they’re keeping their distance.

Little is known about his last contact with Queen Elizabeth II, who is 93 years young, but Charles was at the palace in London on March 12th. Still, Buckingham Palace insists the Queen is in good health. Their statement this morning said Queen Elizabeth was “following all the appropriate advice with regard to her welfare.”

We’re also told his wife Camila, Dutchess of Cornwall, does not have the virus, but she too is in self-isolation for now in Scotland. While both Prince Charles’ sons, William and Harry, have spoken with him, we haven’t heard if Harry plans on returning home to check on his father.

An aspect of real concern: Princes Charles has been in isolation since March 13th, but only after he was told he was contagious, per CNN. Yet, Charles’ office says the heir to the British throne wasn’t tested until just this last Monday, March 23rd. A recent report has established that the incubation period for Coronavirus can be anywhere from five to seven days before symptoms will occur, all the way up to twelve days.

That puts Her Majesty the Queen squarely in harms way, presuming Charles had contact with her while at the London palace. Moreover, how did they know that Prince Charles was “contagious” on the 13th, if he had not been tested yet? More answers perhaps still need to be had – stay tuned.

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