Rapper Bhad Bhabie showed up on social media last night rocking her controversial braided hairstyle. After all, it’s her birthday, she’s officially 17 today, and you get to do what you want on your birthday – that’s how this works. You also get to go to big people jail now too… just a word to the wise.

She looks great, but you’ll remember, lil Bhabie went through hell after displaying her braided choice back in December… hell at least, to a teenager. It caused her to take a break from social media. However that couldn’t last as a coping mechanism because social media is where all her fans are… and detractors also, unfortunately.

Under her video you can find several positive comments, like the one we posted for our Instagram followers. On the other hand, there are still a myriad of negative comments coming in as well. They’re posting everything from “Again with this bull!” to “Why do you want to get bashed on your birthday?” But it seems Bhad Bhabie is holding strong for now.

The intellectual phrase used for why people don’t seem to like Bhad Bhabie wearing braids is called “cultural appropriations”. The real phrase, however, is “hate.” If others want to share in Black or African traditions, then let them. Why not? A lot of people are simply mad because the young girl is ballin’, so they want to try and tear her down from the cheap seats.

If you don’t like Bhad Bhabie, stop following her. Jumping up on an artist’s page just to be nasty to them is a real punk move. Until the next time it drips…

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