Hip Hop legend Gucci Mane is on a real “GUWAP” tear at the moment. A few weeks ago, after putting the word out he had $1 MILLION deals for artists signing to The NEW 1017 record label, Gucci quickly went out looking for the hottest rappers he could find. And the Atlanta hip hop game has been in a Gucci Mane frenzy ever since.

He first scooped up young rapper Foogiano, whose “Trapper(Remix)” video with Lil Baby got the rapper a lot of attention. Foogiano’s “Molly (Baby Mama)” video is also doing big numbers on YouTube. Then Gucci Mane secured rapper Ola Runt, publicly announced just a week ago. He’s reportedly out of inner city Atlanta, and the rhymer’s been catching major industry buzz lately.

Interestingly, Gucci Mane announced today that he’s committed to re-signing jailed rapper Ralo. He was the first acquisition on Gucci’s old 1017 Eskimo label, back in early 2017. Ralo first caught fire with the hit single “Can’t Lie” featuring Future. He still has a feverish fanbase.

We don’t know much about what’s popping with Ralo’s case, but the #FreeRalo movement seems strong, and we wish him well.

No word from rapper Asian Da Brat yet, aka ‘Asian Doll,’ about what she thinks of all these new moves from her old boss, Gucci Mane. The rapper posted to social media that she asked Gucci to release her from her deal, just a couple months ago. Apparently, Gucci Mane basically said bye. That departure seems to have been the catalyst for Gucci’s latest very strong industry moves.

Moreover, in his last post about new pickup Foogiano, Gucci Mane indicated their deal was actually worth $2 MILLION – we’re hearing one million up front and a million dollar recording budget.

Don’t care who you are, or what you’ve heard, that’s going really hard in the paint if anywhere near true. Gucci Mane wants success, and it looks like he won’t be denied. We’ll keep an eye on the situation – until the next time it drips…

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