Over the weekend, infamous Hip Hop snitch Tekashi69 spoke for the first time since his release from federal prison. The rapper responded to a post about Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti on TSR’s Instagram site. When the mayor offered a reward for anyone that would report on others failing to follow the city’s stay-at-home order, Tekashi69 tossed the quick quip, “Coming to the rescue.”

A funny offering from the “FEFE” rapper making light of his well known recent history. The hip hop world has been wondering how Tekashi69 plans on handling his post-lockup approach back to the public. Looks like he’ll continue to do what he knows… troll.

Maybe we can all get some laughs out of the situation, even if folks on the streets and the rapper’s many detractors aren’t in a laughing mood. You know a judge recently decided to give Tekashi69 a compassionate release due to the threat of COVID-19, and allowed him to serve the rest of his time at home with conditions.

However, will Tekashi69 look for a ‘compassionate release’ from his tag as a snitch and police informant? He’s famous for starting beefs in the industry – will that continue? It all remains to be seen. For now, it seems the rapper is indeed comfortable enough to make his first joke over social media since November 2018. Until the next time it drips…

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