Kodak Black is screaming from inside the walls again. The rapper is convinced he’s being treated unfairly by prison officials, though he doesn’t name any officials, or their titles. It’s also clear the Florida gangster is afraid for his safety. Apparently the prospect of staying at Kentucky’s Big Sandy federal prison has the rhymer shaking in his blues.

Kodak seems to think charges are imminent for the fight he got into a while back, but he feels prison officials should get it over with already, and not wait until he’s about to see the door. He posted on Instagram…

“Man These Ppl Stay Trynna Fuck Me Ova, All This #Coronavirus Shit And Yall Talkin Bout Trynna Charge A Nigga For A Bogus Fight. If Y’all Gonna Charge Me DO IT NOW then, Don’t Try To Wait Until I’m Almost Home, Hell Naw.”


Kodak has a long list of grievances and pointed out that Big Sandy prison is a maximum security hard time facility, and it’s more than 1000 miles away from his home. He pointed out that the First Step Act of 2018 prohibits prisoners from being sent more than 500 miles from home. According to Kodak, the Bureau of Prisons is breaking the law.

Kodak also overtly declared he’s going to need a knife because he doesn’t believe he knows anyone there – only three inmates are from Florida. He also brought up rappers TI and Gucci Mane, two men who have successfully come through federal prisons. Kodak seemed to express jealousy because they served time at what he feels were low security facilities, wondering why he couldn’t get the easy assignments.

He also appeared to insult them by saying… “Y’all Sent T.I. to A Low and Sent Gucci Mane to Terre Haute So Why The Fuck Y’all Send Kodak Black to Big Sandy?! Cuz The Ppl Kno How I’m Rocking They Know I Ain’t No Bitch and I’ll Blow Me Some Shit Up.”

Kodak Black may have the answer to why he’s being sent to a max federal prison in his very own words. It’s interesting, you may remember that TI tried to give Kodak some good advice after he said disrespectful things about Nipsey Hussle’s girlfriend, Lauren London, right after Nipsey was killed.

Kodak didn’t appreciate TI’s words at all, and he responded with violent street talk. The whole thing became a big moment of tension in Hip Hop. In this moment, perhaps an OG like TI could’ve given Kodak Black some good guidance on how to get the feds to work with him and not overtly against him… perhaps.

But it is what it is now. We’ll let you know if Kodak Black has more to say on social media, from a federal jail cell. Until the next time it drips…

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