Fresh off a dangerous Uber ride through Boulevard in Atlanta, Georgia under the misguided notion of ‘looking for rapper 21 Savage’ where he almost got shot, Young Chop is now refocusing his attacks on successful hip hop artists that he hates.

Today the Chi-Town to ATL transplant launched new missiles at Drake, French Montana, and his favorite, Meek Mill. This time however, the super producer is staying safely behind a keyboard and a mouse. No field trips.

Young Chop started things off with a swipe at Drake saying in a caption, “I’m not done yet I’m not Meek. I will go song for song sh** I wrote fr. He a hoe too just like Jr bit** ass.” Chop wrote this along with a picture of Drake in the post.

In his next post Young Chop claimed the late Pop Smoke didn’t like Meek Mill. But he didn’t stop there – he went after New York rapper French Montana, yet again. He posted a picture of the “Fu** What Happens Tonight” rhymer with the caption, “Let’s play pus**.”

Young Chop wants all the smoke, but he just left an Atlanta housing project last weekend racing for his life after getting an innocent Uber driver’s car shot up. He Live streamed the situation as it took place, and for a while, Young Chop was quiet and appeared shaken as he promised the Uber driver he would pay for his windows.

But all of that is gone as of today, Thursday, April 9th. Young Chop continues to try and up his profile with dangerous games. His Instagram is rising, but omg, at what cost. We’ll let you know when the next page flips on this hip hop drama. Until the next time it drips…

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