Cardi B has convinced her corporate partners to help out the needy again. Lately she’s teamed up with internet powerhouse Fashionova, and apparently, they’re handing out $1000 every hour for the next 42 days! Have a look…

The money goes to those that have been affected by the Coronavirus disease pandemic, that’s it. And like Cardi B said, “You don’t even have to show us your pu***.” What you actually have to do is go to and submit your entry.

Tell them your story and all the ways you’ve been affected by the the Coronavirus national emergency. Also, be sure that your page is made public. Cardi says she will be browsing profiles of contenders herself. It’s already started, so don’t hesitate, submit your story.

They plan on giving out up to $1 million – that’s why it’ll run for 42 days. Online businesses like Fashionova are among the only companies that seem to be faring well while the world sits at home, waiting for COVID-19 to pass on over. If you plan on submitting, we wish you good luck!

Until the next time it drips….

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