Houston, Texas rapper Sauce Walka has been causing a stir the last few days looking for a fight. That’s right, the “Where Was You At” rapper wants to step in the ring with any celebrity that wants to get some. At first his attention was on Jack and Logan Paul, but then he shifted the call to any rapper he’s got beef with, and soon tagged Young Thug.

In the caption on his Instagram post, Sauce Walka said “I’m “Naturally” ending all my grease with scary ass rappers.” After he tagged Young Thug, Sauce Walka wrote this…

“Whoever fu*ked up wit me that me that’s famous, or I officially quit and and squash it!! We can punch for the fans!!”

Instead of accepting the challenge however, Young Thug responded with a quick dry diss…

“U need to put that money into your homies, build your label up. I’m sure it’s ni**as around you with, put them ni**as to work too…boss up lil brother… I don’t want no smoke with u. BTW I JUST SPENT THAT ON GROCERIES THIS MONTH.”


Comments quickly poured in from fans and supporters taking one side or the other. A lot of folks seem to think Young Thug shouldn’t respond because Sauce Walka isn’t as well known as the YSL Records boss, but apparently Young Thug doesn’t feel that way at all because he seems to respond every time Sauce Walka speaks about him.

We don’t know the true nature of the schism between the rappers, but that’s their business. However, it would be very cool to see these guys settle it in the ring – box it out and let the beef die, it’s a wrap. We have enough bad blood in Hip Hop as it is. Until the next time it drips…

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