Gucci Mane has apparently lost one of the new artists he’s been signing to his New 1017 Records – Atlanta rapper, Ola Runt. Last night in a post about his other artist, Foogiano, Gucci Mane wrote in the caption, “My one and only artist • @foogiano a Superstar”

Of course these signings were significant because these were reportedly multi-million dollar deals going to a new artist on their first major contract. Both artists had pretty good buzz at the time of signing, but that kind of upfront cash is very rare.

We’re waiting on word as to what happened, but Ola has given a couple hints in his most recent posting over social media. In a post a couple days ago the rapper said in part, “Play the hand you dealt, no hard feelings felt. ima die like this…” In a post last night, Ola Runt said, “Don’t eva let ah nigga think u need em.”

So Gucci Mane is down to one again, but hey, all it takes is for one to blow and his investment is easily legit. We’ll let you know where everything goes with The New 1017 Records. Until the next time it drips…

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