Seattle rapper and XXL 2019 Freshman Class member, Lil Mosey, recently said in an interview concerning Tekashi69, “fu** that nig**.” The interviewer asked the “Blueberry Faygo” rapper if he would work with Tekashi69. Lil Mosey quickly answered in the negative and added that even though he didn’t really know Tekashi69, the answer is not just no, but, “Fu** that nig**.”

It’s going to be a very interesting experiment to see how much collaboration Tekashi69 gets out of the Hip Hop community given the high-profile nature of his second career as a federal informant. He’s likely to get some, but as Lil Mosey alluded to, the fans are another story altogether.

Whatever fans the “FEFE” rapper lost because of his snitching ways he’ll likely gain back from the sheer hype of his situation – fans don’t care.

The rap game has been highly collaborative for a long time now, and rappers won’t admit it, but they depend on one another for work, a lot. Back in the day, the “collaboration” was considered a treat for the fans, and most solo acts had to actually entertain their fanbase… “solo.” Deal is, they just don’t make rappers as talented as they used to.

Lil Mosey is emblematic of the real challenge Tekashi69 is about to face, just on the basic fundamentals of making his music. Most of today’s rappers are simply not built three 16’s strong, definitely not for a full length album. We’ll see what Tekashi brings, when he brings it – we’ll also see who lends a helping hand.

Until the next time it drips….


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