Denver Broncos superstar linebacker Von Miller has tested positive for the Coronavirus. The 8-time NFL Pro Bowler is apparently in self-isolation. ESPN reported the news after talking to Miller’s agent, Joby Branion. He says Von Miller’s “at home resting and in good spirits.”

This is awful news for the 31-year-old NFL great of course, but a stunning turn of events for the Broncos as well, since Miller is the first team member known to have contracted the virus. Von Miller is also probably the team’s best player and under a six-year $114 million contract.

Aside from generalities, there’s still no word on what symptoms the Super Bowl 50 MVP is experiencing. Is he breathing well? Is he on a respirator? Someone like Von Miller is the very picture of strength and good health, but the lethal nature of the COVID-19 virus is starting to be recognized as one of the most dangerous in human history. Were it not for aggressive and extensive social distancing measures throughout the world, COVID-19’s death toll would likely be exponentially higher.

Yesterday the team acknowledged the difficult diagnosis by saying…

“After experiencing flu-like symptoms, Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller has tested positive for COVID-19. Von has elected to share his diagnosis publicly to emphasize that anyone can be afflicted with coronavirus.”

It’s being said Von Miller may offer a statement today. We’ll keep an eye on the situation and bring it to you when there’s more. Until the next time it drips…

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