It looks like at least one Chicago OG has come to the defense of blackballed Hip Hop producer, Young Chop. We wouldn’t use his name if we knew it, but the Chicago OG identified himself as a Black Disciple, and spoke for himself on Instagram Live. He appeared to ban who he calls “Atlanta Gangstas” from coming to Chicago. This apparently, because an ATL gangster came out last week telling Young Chop he had to vacate the city in 24 hours.

You may know, Young Chop was arrested in the last couple days in Atlanta, but before that it appeared the producer was holed up in his house with his guns, since getting shot at while hanging in an Atlanta housing project.

The Chicago OG wanted it known that, “My Fu**ing nephew ain’t gotta run from you nig***… cowards!” He also snapped saying…

“You cowards will never come to Chicago… cause you nig*** gay. You’ll never come to my streets. I’m in your streets, but you won’t even show your face.”

That’s right, the OG was obviously in Atlanta at the time. Not sure if he’s a Chicago transplant like Young Chop, but he definitely wanted it known that he’s all up in the city. He was clearly highly pissed at the situation Young Chop seems to have found himself in.

Watch the video and decide for yourself what’s up with this. Until the next time it drips….

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