Rap star the The Game has gotten himself into a serious ‘cold pickle’ of a situation. A judge has ruled that all monies from his record label, LA Prolific, and the rapper’s last album, Born 2 Rap, are to be paid to a woman named. Priscilla Rainey. The Game owes her a staggering $7.13 million plus interest.

According to, Judge Virginia A. Phillips has ordered, “any and all rights, title, and interest, and any money, property or future payments due” to The Game’s independent record label, LA Prolific, be paid to Priscilla Rainey.

The judge has given the same ownership rights to The Game’s last album, Born 2 Rap, to Rainey – it looks like the album is the primary asset of LA Prolific. All royalties from the album are to go directly to Rainey, until the debt is paid in full.

So there’s no misunderstanding, the judge set this verbiage out for all who may owe LA Prolific…

“All third parties who receive notice of this Order are directed to pay any and all money or property due, or to become due, under this Order, directly to Plaintiff either: (1) by check payable to “Priscilla Rainey,” and delivered to Plaintiff’s counsel until the judgment is satisfied in full.”

Apparently, Priscilla Rainey is an Instagram model that sued The Game for sexual assault way back in 2015. In February of 2016, Rainey won a huge $7 million judgement against him. Because The Game refused to show up to court dates and defend himself, he basically pissed off the court, so here we are.

For her part, Priscilla Rainey is now gloating and trolling the rapper big time. She even dropped a meme on Instagram, saying, “How do I put this? You, work for me, now.” To that end, there may be a wildcard at play in the situation…

The Game’s manager, Wack100, spoke up yesterday, saying, “Last time I checked #Wack owned all royalties to born to Rap. And I don’t owe the bitch a dime … When the #CDC # has their # who knows maybe I might lose in a dice game one day … But as of right now Today it’ll be right here in my little ole profolio.”

This is likely not the end of this story – a new game may have just begun. Until the next time it drips….

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