Since rapper Casanova heard girls were making mad loot off their Only Fans pages, the “So Brooklyn” rhymer’s been determined to get that money how ever he can. But apparently, the road hasn’t been as easy as he might’ve assumed. He posted a hilarious rant about the “bum bit**es” all up in his dms trying to get a break off his $50 subscription price tag. Yikes!

Yes, there you have it… Casanova is officially pissed that his girls won’t ante up. He says he got “rich nig** dic**!,” so they need to pay. It’s hard out here for a pimp, ain’t it.

He knows there’s money to be made ’cause the Only Fans models have been making news lately, posting all about the cars and even houses they’re closing on these days, all from Only Fans money.

It’s ok though Casanova, it’s not you, it’s ‘The Rona’ – ain’t nobody got jobs right now dude. Your timing kinda sucks. We just noticed one of the hottest models on the internet, @caribbeancurlss drop her Only Fans price down to $5… woah. Umm, not that we’re looking, so… if she can tough it out, Casanova, you can too. Get back to work bro!

Until the next time it drips…


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