Unfortunately for Miami Hip Hop legend Trick Daddy, the video of his DUI arrest from back in January has now been unearthed, and it doesn’t look good. Miami police stopped the rapper after getting calls that he was driving erratically, or so they say. Trick Daddy ended up failing a field sobriety test and was charged with cocaine possession.

As you can see in the bodycam footage provided by TMZ, Trick had trouble slurring his words and he responded slowly when the cops asked him questions. When the officers asked him how much he drank that night, Trick Daddy responded, “I don’t know, ’bout 3,4 drinks… or 5.” After hearing that, the cops wanted Trick out of the car.

The “Nann Ni**a” rhymer was then caught off balance in the middle of a field sobriety test – not a place anyone wants to be. So Trick Daddy called the whole thing off and cops went to handcuff the old school rap star. The media’s reporting Trick Daddy tried to use his name to get out of the situation, but the mention of his rap name seemed nothing more than casual on the tape.

However, when cops took inventory of Trick Daddy’s money on the trunk of his car, while unfolding a crumpled dollar, a powdery white substance starting flowing down, and a lot of it. Even the cops on scene looked a little shocked to find it. The case is likely windin it’s way through the court system in Dade County, and we’ll bring you more when we get it, but it doesn’t look good for Trick.

Until the next time it drips…

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