Long time rap star 2 Chainz is moving full speed ahead with plans to reopen his popular Atlanta restaurant, Escobar Restaurant & Tapas, for dine-in service. This after Atlanta’s Mayor, Keisha Lance-Bottoms, came out in staunch opposition to reopening the state for business. TMZ reports they got word of 2 Chainz’s plan directly from his business partner, Mychel “Snoop” Dillard.

You may know, many Republican Governors made announcements over the past week of their plans to reopen their states in the wake of the weeks long Coronavirus shutdown. Most folks believe these governors are being pressured by President Trump to get business going again, and Georgia’s Governor, Brian Kemp, seems all too earger to please him.

However, most people also believe it’s just too early to reopen, and the data to that end is very strong, a point expressed earlier this week by Atlanta Mayor Lance-Bottoms, to anyone who would listen. She said, “We see that our numbers (Coronavirus) are continuing to tick up in this state. We see that our deaths are rising.”

The Mayor has asked that business leaders follow her lead and not that of President Trump and Governor Kemp, but despite this, Atlanta’s hip hop champion 2 Chainz is plowing ahead. The restaurant will be open this Monday, April 27th, per the Georgia Governor’s wishes.

You should know, Mayor Lance-Bottoms has already been faced with nasty and dangerous threats for her stance against the two powerful men.She shared an email sent to her online with the message, “Nigger, just shut up and RE-OPEN ATLANTA.”


Though, like many other eateries, Escobar Restaurant & Tapas has been open for take out, TMZ reports they’re still reporting sales are down a suffocating 95%. They had to let go the vast majority of their staff. But, they’re vowing to reopen responsiby. Snoop Dillard tells TMZ they’ll be checking temperatures of all staff, and all cooks will wear masks until further notice. That’s good news.

No word, however, on temperature checks for customers, nor does there seem to be any mention of efforts to deep clean tables between guests. But apparently, Escobar Restaurant & Tapas will continue the practice of smoking hookahs. Yes, we forgot to mention it’s also a hookah bar… so there’s that.

We’ll follow the developments with this closely, and we hope everyone stays as safe as possible. Until the next time it drips…

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