Looks like all three Ball brothers, Lonzo, LaMelo, and LiAngelo are all planning to sign with Jay Z’s Roc Nation Sports. LaMelo Ball’s manager, Jermaine Jackson, made the declaration yesterday on ESPN… “This was a family decision” Jackson said. He went on…

“This is now an extended family. They put together a beautiful game plan with Jay-Z. The basketball game is about to change. They are going to create something totally new.”

After meeting with several sports agents, the Ball brothers apparently felt at home when they heard what Jay Z and Roc Nation Sports had in mind for them. They’ll probably be dealing with Raymond Brothers as the primary agent over at Roc Nation Sports.

For perspective, Roc Nation Sports is an arm of Roc Nation, the music and marketing company that Jay Z started in 2008. After landing big named prospects like NFL player Geno Smith back in 2013, Roc Nation Sports has grown by leaps and bounds in a short time. It now boasts players like Kyrie Irving, Spencer Dinwiddie, and Markelle Fultz in its basketball division alone, just to name a few.

Jackson seemed very pleased with the decision saying, “I’ve known Jay-Z since I played for the Knicks, but this is what the kids wanted to do. Jay-Z is a master at what he does. He’s global. It’s power beyond power.”

This is an exciting announcement and possibly history making, but it’s important to note that the Ball brothers haven’t signed anything yet. Moreover, LaMelo has a shoe deal situation that is still up in the air – in fact, Jackson says LaMelo is still actively shopping deals, even though Jay Z sits as Creative Director over basketball at PUMA.

It seems there’s much to be ironed out still, so the question becomes… why announce this deal, when there’s no deal yet? What do the the Ball brothers hope to gain? Most importantly, really… why is their outspoken father, LaVar Ball, barely mentioned with the news? He’s gotta be a huge factor here.

But we’ll see what shakes out next – until the next time it drips…

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