Kansas City Chiefs star cornerback Bashaud Breeland was arrested yesterday in Charlotte, North Carolina. TMZ Sports reports Breeland was caught with marijuana and he was driving without a license, and apparently, Bashaud refused to go peacefully. Cops say he attempted to flee the scene several times.

The report details a situation where Breeland and two other men were hanging out at a gas station at 11 AM in the morning, all smoking weed together. York County sherriffs said in a police report that when they pulled up on the men, they were forced to draw down their pistols, after Breeland comletely ignored the threat of a taser – he attempted to get away several times, police say.

Police also say witnesses had to beg Breeland to relax and stop resisting. The Super Bowl LIV winning cornerback was obviously itching to dash. They say he had a “large blunt” in the car and 3.2 grams of weed in a baggie on the driver door. Breeland had several open or unsealed bottles of alcohol in his ride too … police say there was beer and a bottle of tequila.

A very interesting aspect of this story is that cops say Brashaud Breeland actually gave them permission to run through his phone. From that, police say they now have a log of Breeland’s drug transactions… and the drug dealers he did them with. In the police report, Breeland was characterized as basically flipping weight and big dope numbers. But again… that’s just what the police say.

Breeland on the other hand tweeted this statement after he got released late last night…

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