In a move that has probably angered the album’s producers, Juice Wrld’s girlfriend, Ally Lotti, sort of revealed the name of his upcoming posthumous album in an off the cuff emotional moment on Instagram Live. She called it, “The Outsiders.” Have a look…

As you can see, Ally starts to break down thinking of her late boyfriend and what he would’ve wanted with the collection, saying… “That actual album… no one is ready for it.” After a slight pause, she emotes, “I’m not ready for it. And I promise you, you are not ready for it.”

We characterize the reveal as angering producers because the internet seems to be getting scrubbed of all evidence that Ally ever said it – the post is literally disappearing as we speak. Probably hoping for a well organized, need to know album release strategy, Juice Wrld reps are staying in line with well crafted messages like the two that currently appear on the Juice’s official Instagram page.

But Ally isn’t that kind of girl, and she doesn’t live a scripted life. She likely jumped the gun with her announcement… but is Ally being silenced? Her talkative, social media infuencer ways may just be becoming too much to deal with for Juice Wrld’s high powered music industry team.

Ally is always on Live, talking… and mostly about her late boyfriend. It makes sense, they were in love. And anyone with two eyes to see could tell Juice Wrld had fallen hard for the model.

It’ll be interesting to see it the title of Juice’s album remains the same, or if it changes. We’ll be sure to let you know if Ally Lotti has anymore to say – until the next time it drips….

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