It’s an amazing happening – cellphone footage has surfaced that appears to show a man named Ahmaud Arbery, who is black, being chased down by a group of armed white men in the street. One of them ends up shooting and killing Ahmaud Arbery after a struggle with his long rifle.

The incident happened on Feburary 23rd in Brunswick, Georgia, down near Savannah. The assailants told police they believed Ahmaud Arbery had been burglarizing houses in the neighborhood. The video is graphic and saddening, and the 30 second clip came out yesterday, but we’ve now learned more context to what is shown. There are two men near a pickup truck, a father and son named Greg and Travis McMichael.

They were both armed, with Travis, 25, outside of the vehicle stalking Ahmaud Arbery as he jogged down the street. Travis’ father, Greg, appeared to be in the bed of the truck as Ahmaud seemingly tried to jog around the vehicle. We also just found out the video was being filmed by Ahmaud’s third pursuer, driving in a vehicle chasing Ahmaud from his rear. We don’t yet have that person’s name, but they too were armed.

The Arbery family Attorney, Lee Merritt, just explained to TMZ that the three men were working in concert to cut off avenues of escape for Ahmaud, as they were deadly determined to confront him about home burglaries, none of which even appeared to be any of theirs. The Arbery family, however, contends that their son was simply out for his daily run.

As to why Ahmaud is seen fighting for Travis McMichael’s rifle, Merritt explained given that the men chased him down and cut off his exit, Ahmaud likely felt he had no choice but to give a fighting chance for his life. He says, “They stop all his avenues for escape, and they confront him with a shotgun, and Ahmaud does the only thing left for him to do.”

Police originally told the Arbery family that Ahmaud was shot by a homeowner while he was in their house committing a robbery. Nothing could be farther from the truth, as the world now knows Ahmaud was literally running for his life down a city street from at least three gun wielding men in pickup trucks.

The three men have not been arrested. Merritt says the Glynn County DA’s office is shielding Ahmaud’s killers with a little known statute in Georgia allowing that anyone can make a citizen’s arrest if they just think a crime has been committed. The DA’s office says they can only leave the matter to a Grand Jury, and they won’t intervene, even after the video surfaced.

Oh, and who did elder McMichael, Greg, use to work for? The Glynn County DA’s office. These are very interesting developments with this story – until the next time it drips…

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