Superstar rapper and Dream Chasers boss, Meek Mill, is not taking the new Tekashi69 comeback very well. He seems to be big time pissed off about the fans flocking to the federal snitch’s Instagram Live broadcast today, and Meek is also none too happy that Tekashi69 has fast taken back to his habit of online trolling.

Meek Mill, now a very well connected businessman, is still a symbol of much needed criminal justice reform in America. However on the subject of “police informants,” … Meek kept it G-code. He told his followers today…

“I hope that rat going Live to apologize to the people he told on or the victim….. Y’all forgot that fast a “rat” killed Nipsey. He wasn’t suppose to be on the street! That’s the only thing ima say because he’s dead. Left his baby mom and child like a coward as targets!”

Meek Mill went on to trash the video Tekashi69 dropped along with his Live broadcast. On Twitter, Meek commented, “Shit superrrrr trashhhhhhhh. You gone up 100 shots. Stop turn Durkio and Nav back on!” Lil Durk and Nav both dropped long awaited albums today.

Meek Mill reminded his fans and followers how Tekashi69 put out a hit on rapper Chief Keef, though Meek didn’t use his name. He reminded them that Tekashi69 actually put the hit out on Chief Keef on camera, as Tekashi69 himself admitted to. The happening and the footage of it remains one of the most shocking aspects of Tekashi69’s criminal infamy.


Meek went on to post about other police informants who just happened to get killed by the gangs they crossed, but he seemed to say he still didn’t wish death on anyone. Yet Meek Mill did add… “Our hood seen this movie B4.”

To turn a phrase, it’s going to be a movie definitely worth watching – how Tekashi69 might once again find a place in the Hip Hop industry. Fans may simply want the music, but the circumstances concerning Tekashi’s story are not so easy to digest, and it appears there are many in the hip hop game that would love nothing better than to see Tekashi69 choke on it.

Until the next time it drips….

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