Tekashi69’s baby mama, Sara Molina, is catching hell online since he made the charge publicly that she was sleeping with his ex-gang bros. While defending himself to more than 2 million on Instagram Live, Tekashi69 twice claimed Sara Molina was cheating on him with the gang, making her a part of the problem. Word is, Tekashi believes his ex-manager Shooti was with Sara, but who really knows the truth.

Now Sara can’t even peep her head out online without Tekashi69’s fans abusing her. On her Mother’s Day posts, sickos were saying things like, “6ix9ine has never publicly bashed you even though you pipped his friend,” and, “She doesn’t care about her daughter, she cares about 69 $$$$.” While there were a few standing up to the trolls, the nasty comments went on and on.

During his Live broadcast, Tekashi69 said, “Where was the loyalty when you was sleeping with my baby mother?” He also said… “But what did I do wrong? Be loyal to niggas that’s fu**in’ my baby mom?”

Of course, Tekashi69 never blamed himself at all for his circumstances, and he never mentioned any of the rumors suggesting he’s the one that cheated on Sara either.

However, Sara’s situation may be a bit of karma coming back her way as well. When Tekashi69’s circumstance was at its darkest, Sara did several interviews on TMZ all out bashing the “FeFe” rapper, and she didn’t hold back, she really let him have it. She once expressed to Harvey how she felt Tekashi69 should not be let out of jail… she did do that. Now that he is in fact out of federal lockup, perhaps the chickens have come home to roost.

We have no way to really know, but to date there’s no evidence Tekashi69 has even seen their little girl since his release, his only known child. Another question… is Tekashi69 providing Sara and his only child any security? Are they simply having to fend for themselves, even though Tekashi knows he’s the most hated snitch in the world right now?

They say that just this weekend Tekashi69 and his girlfriend had to be moved suddenly because he inadvertently gave up their position on a video he posted. So we know security is of the upmost importance. Is there any security for Sara and his little girl?

We hope the hate comes to an end soon for Sara Molina, but right now the situation is awful. Until the next time it drips….

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