Tekashi69 has launched a protest of Billboard, saying he thinks they’re manipulating the charts. He took to social media to say to Billboard, “literally, you’re manipulating the charts now.” …So Billboard the world is watching and saying, why are y’all chea… If y’all doin’ this to every artist in the world, how can an artist that works hard get number one.”

Apparently, Billboard jumped on the giving vibe after Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber released a song last week called “Stuck With U,” an awesome collaboration between the two stars who are donating proceeds from the song to the children of first responders, via the First Responders Children’s Foundation.

Billboard decided to support the song by giving $5 for every signed CD version to COVID 19 relief. Amazon Music ended up piggybacking the effort for charity, and now all of a sudden, Ariana and Justin are forecast to be number one come Monday – not Tekashi69’s “GOOBA.”

His anger would be easy to understand, but it sounds like the ex-street gangsta, still on house arrest, just got out-promoted. Welcome to the music biz, kid. Besides, the “Stuck With U” project is for charity in the middle of a tough time for us all… the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020. Ariana and Justin are serving others, and it looks like they’re being recognized for it.

Marketing and good promotions is a game of chess not checkers, my friend. Until the next time it drips….

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