Tekashi69 drops a video saying Snoop Dogg cheats on his wife. However, the video appears to be from at least a couple years ago. It comes from a notorious industry groupie named Celina Powell. She has a reputation for telling elaborate lies. She famously claimed rapper Offset fathered her baby girl. She even produced a dubious DNA test to add credibility to her claim.

While Celina Powell has videos of Snoop Dogg, he appears to be fully clothed in one, with other people in the room. In another video, Snoop Dogg is merely on video chat with her. On the other hand, she has a video of Tekashi69 actually in bed with her, from before he went to jail… this is the same girl Tekashi69 is accusing Snoop Dogg of cheating with.
Celina also claims she smashed both Tekashi69 and DJ Akademiks at the same time. If you don’t know, DJ Akademiks and Tekashi69 are good friends, and Akademiks often uses his platform to promote Tekashi69’s trolling efforts.
Snoop addressed Celina Powell a couple years ago, but we’ll let you know if Snoop Dogg answers Tekashi69’s most recent charge. Until the next time it drips…

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