Ariana Grande gave Tekashi69 a pretty stern message yesterday about being humble and not complaining just because he lost a Billboard Hot 100 spot to her and Justin Beiber last week. Of course their song together, “Stuck With U,” is now number one, while Tekashi69’s “BOOBA” sits at number three.

Well Tekashi69 blasted right back at the “Thank You, Next” darling. On a social media post last night, he told the mega-star… “I don’t think you know what humble is.”

Tekashi69 seemed to say that he didn’t have a problem with her, but with Billboard. He also said, “I speaks for the millions of kids that came from nothing.” Then the “FeFe” rapper went on to show a video of himself on a tour of his impoverished Brooklyn, New York living circumstance as a youth.

At the end of the video Tekashi69 spliced in a couple examples of Ariana Grande on her child acting jobs. The scenes were of Ariana being excessively giddy and excited while performing her acting roles, an obvious attempt to mock Ariana Grande and her past.

While Tekashi69 didn’t explain why having a poor upbringing would have anything to do with who takes the number 1 spot on Billboard’s Hot 100, his point about hard work does seem universal. Still, that has nothing to do with why Tekashi69’s fans bought fewer records than Ariana Grande’s. They don’t give #1s out to the needy.

Tekashi69 ended his argument by saying to Ariana, “You will NEVER UNDERSTAND MY PAIN.” The rapper seems bent on taking on the world at the moment – Ariana Grande, Billboard, and the “Stuck With U” song just to name a few. Stay tuned for more – until the next time it drips…

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