Summer Walker finally got herself down to the weight she desires – 117 lbs. Apparently, the songstress has been working desperately to get super hot and ready for shows and large gatherings when the Coronavirus freeze is over. Over social media, the R&B darling lifted her shirt and stripped down to her little panties so we could all see just how far she’s come.


Most people think the star looks awesome, because she does, but some are still caught up on the fact Summer Walker has obviously had a lot of work done. At particular issue is her nose… people are really buggin’ about that one. She used to have a very pretty natural African American nose, but now it’s decidedly more European and a lot smaller.

Let’s face it, the metamorphosis has been happening in front of our eyes for a while now, all over her very young body. All we can say is if the artist is happy with it then good for her, and she seems ecstatic about it. But what do you guys think? Sound offf!

Until the next time it drips…

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