A white woman called 911 and lied about a black man, saying he’s “threatening me and my dog” in Central Park. In reality, he was recording the fact she didn’t have her dog on a leash, which is the law in New York. She lied and put on a disgusting acting job for 911 as well – you have to watch until the end. She flat out told the guy, “I’m gonna tell them there’s an African American man threatening my life.”

They’re calling her another “Karen” … the name of an infamous white woman who told similar lies on black people, while being recorded on camera, awhile back. Aren’t cellphones great – we really get to see how racist lies that end up getting black men killed actually begin. That didn’t happen here – thankfully the man left, but not without his truth telling video.

The video also offered proof this woman was actually abusing her dog… she was about to strangle the poor thing in this video. TMZ says she had to turn the dog in, back to the shelter she got it from. Still, they have not released her name yet. These things always begin with a racist and their lies… at least we all get to see it in action now.

Until the next time it drips….

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