Famed Medical Examiner, Dr. Michael Baden has concluded that George Floyd died from “mechanical asphyxia” …as seemingly can be determined by anyone who watched George Floyd being choked out on camera by Minneapolis cop, Derek Chauvin.

Of course he was hired by the family immediately after the Hennipin County M.E. decided to announce his finding that George didn’t die from asphyxiation at all… they say it was a heart attack that killed “Big George.” Today they released a toxicology report that blames George’s death on Fentanyl, in big bold letters.

Dr. Bade basically noted that drugs and George’s underlying health issues may have been present, but they did not cause his death – the Dr. says it was Derek Chauvin’s knee to George’s neck that killed him. In addition, there was another officer on George Floyd’s back.

He also noted how long Officer Chauvin held his relentless suffocating knee to George Floyd’s neck after he lost consciousness – a mindblowing 4 minutes. It clearly seemed Chauvin was bound and determined to kill George Floyd.

Whatever the exact cause of death, even science will agree “Big Geoge” could likely have been resuscitated, had they simply tried to revive him soon after he lost consciousness. Instead Derek Chauvin would dig his knee into George’s neck even harder for 4 more minutes.

Most people could see it wasn’t Fentanyl that dimmed the life from George Floyd that day as he lay pinned on the ground… it was Derek Chauvin’s knee.

Why does one Medical Examiner cite the “cause of death” as asphyxia for George Floyd but another does not? Who do you believe? You should also know they both conclude George Floyd’s “manner of death” death was in fact a homicide. So really, what kind of game is being played here? With the cities of the nation literally on fire over this tragedy, one thing’s for sure… this isn’t a time for games.

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