When you get that feeling someone may be a racist, just know the truth could be far worse than you imagine. Check out St. John’s University’s fencing coach, Boris Vaksman, caught on video saying “Lincoln made a mistake” when he freed the slaves. Have a listen to the disturbing clip…

“Because the most trouble is coming from where? … from black people. Because they don’t want to work, they steal, they kill, they drugs, everything comes from them. The majority, the majority. I think, uhh, what’s his name — Lincoln made a mistake.”

Vaksman made these comments as part of a coaching session over Zoom to the Fencer’s Club in New York City. It’s an elite club that acts as a training ground for up and coming collegiate and Olympic athletes – the very definition of impressionable young minds.

Fortunately, the video was captured by Ibtihaj Muhammad on June 3rd. She is a 2016 Bronze medalist and the first woman to wear a hijab during an Olympic competition. These comments by Boris Vaksman are horribly racist and clearly disgusting, so why is it Ibtihaj Muhammad seems to be the only source exposing Vaksman’s abhorrent racism from that meeting?


St. John’s has employed Boris Vaksman since 2006, and he’s been held in high regard, coaching top level fencers for the university. All this time, Vaksman has walked the halls at St. John’s University, breathing his racist venom on young people.

Which begs the question… did school administrators know about Boris Vaksman’s racist views? How could they not know? Vaksman himself certainly seemed very open about his thoughts on black people, and as you heard, he was all too eager to share.

There are so many more questions at this point than answers when it comes to this wholly disturbing revelation – maybe we’ll get some soon. Until the next time it drips…

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