In another circumstance of deadly force being used against black men in America, 27-year-old Rayshard Brooks was gunned down by two white cops in the streets of Atlanta, Georgia late Friday night. The police can be seen fighting with Rayshard on the ground in a Wendy’s parking lot before Rayshard broke loose and began to sprint off, but still shot him 3 times in his back.

The incident has quickly become high profile, as the general public is getting agitated with the constant stream of disturbing truths about police abuses coming out daily, courtesy of modern technology.

However, Rayshard Brooks’ killing is a bit less cut and dry as other obvious police wrongdoings, like the murder of George Floyd. Rayshard Brooks can be seen on video offering a very aggressive fight against the two cops in question, apparently after they tried to arrest him. They suspected Rayshard was intoxicated because he fell asleep in the drive-thru lane at the restaurant.

Rayshard also actually took one of the officer’s service weapon, a taser, and he can be seen serving a pretty solid blow to the head of one of the cops during the struggle, just before he dashed off. That’s when Rayshard can be seen on surveillance provided by TMZ, raising that taser toward the cop behind him as he ran. At that point, the other officer opened fire on Rayshard Brooks, and he died in surgery at the hospital.

Still, most folks believe the cops did not have to fire live rounds at Rayshard because he was running away at the time – Atlanta Mayor Lance-Bottoms feels the same. Determining the killing to be unjustified, the Mayor has already fired one policeman involved.

In addition, the Mayor has fired her Chief of Police, Erika Shields, over the incident, just a day after it happened… not even 24 hours really. The Chief was allowed to resign out of respect, but Mayor Bottoms is making it clear- no cops should fire upon citizens in her city.

Mayor Lance-Bottoms also offered a full throated apology to the family of Rayshard Brooks at a press conference yesterday. It will be interesting to see where the investigation goes from here, given the shooting happened only two nights ago and Wendy’s surveillance tapes were only obtained on Saturday, but we’ll stay on top of it for you. Until the next time it drips…

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