In upsetting news for the NFL, it’s been found out several NFL players with the Dallas Cowboys and the Houston Texans have tested positive for COVID-19. TMZ Sports reports they found out star Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott is among the victims, but he is apparently feeling fine at the moment.

Though the entirety of the planet has been under social distancing guidelines for months, Ezekiel Elliot is kinda known to party a lot with strays. There was also worry that superstar quarterback Dak Prescott might be among the sick, but his representative checked in saying he was just fine.

The NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport said this morning.. “None of the players are believed to have been in their team facilities. The teams followed proper health protocols.”

The NFL is definitely banking on that statement being true because COVID-19 hangs around in the body for a long time, and new infections amongst the players could easily push back the start of NFL training camps.

The development is no wonder since the US is fast approaching full operation around the country. However as feared, infection rates are actually increasing in 19 states since Memorial Day. COVID-19 does not seem to be sparing the great state of Texas at all, as the virus does what it does. Until the next time it drips…

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