Tekashi69’s ride or die girlfriend, Jade, asked her fans over social media if she should start an Only Fans page, and they went nuts! Her followers on Instagram were all on board and even one famous fan, by the name of Nicki Minaj, was also ready with her vote – Nicki said, “Yes” To that Jade replied… “Ok, just for you!”


Jade also declared this week, for some reason, that she has never had plastic surgery on her body. Along with a fresh booty pic, she posted, “I never got my body done I swear.” Of course she got a good bit of pushback from the gallery on that little claim, but hey, who really cares – we don’t.

Looks like Jade is basking in the joy of seeing her now infamous boyfriend’s return home from federal lock up. Though Tekashi69 is not yet done with the rest of his sentence, Jade had a lot to do with getting him home, and she showed a never waivering face of support for the “Trollz” rapper while he was away.

We’ll let you know if Jade actually does jump off her own Only Fans page, but nobody should hold their breath about it – remember, her boyfriend is loaded. Until the next time it drips….

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