You heard that right, Dr. Dre’s wife, Nicole Young, is now officially challenging the prenuptial agreement she signed back in 1996 before the “happy couple” got married. She’s asking the judge presiding over their divorce to set it aside as irrelevant. TMZ has legal documents just filed saying Nicole was pressured and intimidated into signing the prenup right before the wedding.

She doesn’t describe what form of intimidation she suffered, but they described a Nicole afraid to say no to Dr. Dre and his team of lawyers. Apparently, Dr. Dre also ripped up the prenuptial agreement right in front of Nicole about two years into the marriage! She claims Dre felt guilty about forcing her to sign the papers, or so her legal team contends.

Dr. Dre was already incredibly rich and powerful at the time in 1996… he was one of the most powerful music producers in all of music, long before the Beats by Dre days. Not saying it’s true, but the circumstance could have existed to corroborate what Nicole is saying about that time frame.

In earlier reporting about this story we wondered aloud whether the prenup had a sunset clause in it, but obviously that question has been answered – it did not. Looks like Dr. Dre and his legal team at the time made the document iron tight. However, whether the agreement can hold up after 24 years of marriage is now an open question.

$1 billion is on the line people, and the heat just got hot! Until the next time it drips…

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