After initially being described by President Trump in a White House briefing yesterday as an attack, it’s now believed the massive explosion that occurred in Beirut, Lebanon was actually a horrible accident. It’s being reported 2700 Ibs of ammonium nitrate being stored by the government erupted in the Lebanese heat, leaving a blast zone of destruction that is still being explored.

At last word there were 135 people known to be dead and over 500 injured. At this moment buildings all over Beirut are being checked for survivors in what is said to be endless rubble and destruction. The city’s mayor, Marwan Abboud, has said the damage from the blast literally encompasses half the city. He puts the cost at over $3 billion, even at this early stage.

Lebanese Prime Minister, Hassan Diab, offered this plea for help…

“I am sending an urgent appeal to all countries that are friends and brothers and love Lebanon, to stand by its side and help us treat these deep wounds.”

The Lebanese government has declared a two-week state of emergency as the European Union has activated its civil protection system, sending workers and equipment from its members. Other countries like Kuwait, Norway, and Australia are scrambling to send aid.

We’re told the fault is probably pure government neglect and malfeasance to a criminal degree – Prime Minister Hassan Diab has vowed to hold those responsible to account. The huge stash of ammonium nitrate in question, Diab says, has been languishing in the city’s center for over six years. However, many say it’s actually been there for more than two decades.

Why was it not disposed of? Why was it left in the middle of a sprawling city center?

There are truly many questions to be answered about the situation, as Lebanon, a country of six million, suffers another blow in what has been a series of troubles. The economy is in shambles as the population increasingly goes without work. However for now, all eyes are on rescue efforts, as all hands from around the world try to save as many people as they can.

We’ll bring you more updates as they become available.

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