Even after Carmelo Anthony’s devastating clutch shots against the Houston Rockets last night, where the Portland Trailblazers defeated the Rockets 110 -102, Max Kellerman refused to apologize for his comments about Carmelo Anthony. The ESPN host has been dissing Carmelo’s skill level on the court, saying things like, “he’s just not that good anymore,” something Kellerman even repeated this morning on ESPN’s First Take.

While Kellerman conceded Carmelo is probably Hall of Fame bound because he’s been a tremendous scorer his entire NBA career, he still insisted Carmelo brings little more added talent to an already good team, as father time takes his toll. Kellerman downgraded Carmelo on his three point shooting ability and panned the baller on his defensive capabilities.

Apparently Max Kellerman doesn’t even believe Carmelo Anthony is good enough to be a starter in the new “changing league,” as he put it… ouch.

However, in light of Carmelo’s latest clutch play, Kellerman says he now believes he was wrong about just how much Carmelo can really add to his team on the court, in what looked like a recalibration moment for the anchor. But still, the last thing Max Kellerman would do was actually apologize. Until the next time it drips….

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