Long time music producer Detail, whose real name is Noel Fisher, was arrested on Wednesday by Los Angeles County Sheriffs. It’s being reported Detail was charged with 15 sexual assault charges and 5 felony assault charges. He’s being held on a $6.3 million bond.

The arrest is the culmination of years of complaints from young female artists accusing the hitmaker of rape and abuse. Detail is known for working with top artists such as Jay Z, Drake, and Wiz Khalifa, but his most notable material is Beyonce’s self titled album and the track, “Drunk In Love.”

The Los Angeles County D.A. is looking for more victims to come forward, saying….

“Based on the nature of the allegations, Special Victims Bureau detectives believe there may be additional potential victims and they are seeking the public’s help in identifying any such victims.”

Detail was accused of abusing and even raping two young singers in 2018. Artists Kristina Buch and Peyton Ackley both claimed Detail actually raped them in front of other people. They also say he once raped them both for six hours straight. However, the charges Detail currently faces stretch all the way back to 2010.

Kristina Buch eventually won a $15 million judgement against the mega producer in 2019. Detail apparently never responded to his legal summons concerning the matter and lost by default.

Last year successful singers Bebe Rexha and Tenashe also both spoke out about their experience in the studio with Detail. Rexha once said over social media…

“He tried to do the same thing to me when I was a new artist. Glad these women came out. It’s scary. He tried to with me, but I literally ran out of that studio. Karma is a bitch.”

We’ll bring you more about what’s happening in the case soon. Until the next time it drips….

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