See a Lebanese bride experience the shock of her life, as the blast from 2700 lbs of ammonium nitrate went off in Beirut on her wedding day. It’s truly amazing footage and right now it’s being shared by every news agency in the world, courtesy of her photographer, Mahmoud Nakib.

You should know, Al Jazeera now has the death toll from from Tuesday’s explosion at 157 people, plus 5000 injured and many more still missing. The Lebanese government has apparently rounded up 16 suspects, and they’re being questioned by an appointed investigative committee.

The government has given them only four days to conclude their investigation and come up with some answers – that’s it… four days. A hard task, as most believe the ammonium nitrate responsible for the blast had been sitting at the port since at least 2013.

What seems to be unravelling is a convoluted tale of a broken down Russian ship, a cash strapped investor, and his extremely dangerous payload headed for Mozambique. Already tightening the screws, the government says it’s frozen the bank accounts of all those responsible for managing the port in Beirut as they interrogate anyone who worked around the ammonium nitrate.

The investigation continues as the rescue efforts around Beirut enter their third day. We’ll bring you new developments when they happen – until the next time it drips….

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