Looks like the details of why Tamar Braxton’s boyfriend, David Adefeso, had to file for a restraining order on Tuesday are finally coming out, thanks to David himself. He jumped on YouTube recently to tell his side of the story. Apparently Tamar chopped him in the throat while he was driving… Yikes! David also claims Tamar literally threatened to have him killed.

TMZ reports they have documents detailing David’s claim that he was driving his Rolls-Royce when Tamar started violently punching him and got him in the throat, which then made him pull over. There, David says Tamar started wailing on his ride, smashing the camera and rearview mirror. However, in his video message David says his Rolls got damaged in an accident he had because of the surprise attack from Tamar… Somethin’s up there.

That’s not all – David claims that since then Tamar has revealed that her ex-husband allegedly wanted to send “goons” after David 6 months ago and have him killed. In court documents David said Tamar put a stop to that plan. Unfortunately for David, since then he says Tamar told him she wants to greenlight the mission again and have him killed – that’s why he showed up at the courthouse on Tuesday looking for an RO.

During his YouTube session David still maintained he loved Tamar and said he always would, but he also confirmed their relationship is definitely over now. Interestingly, David claims he was being secretly taped by Tamar as well, as she hit him while he was driving. … Obviously there’s a lot here to unravel.

Of course, we’re all waiting on Tamar’s response so stay tuned. Until the next time it drips…

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