Looks like reality star Shad Moss, aka rapper Bow Wow, has finally conceded the fact he now has a new baby boy! He posted a picture of the youngin’ on his social media platform on Thursday, with a caption saying…. “Man you gone take all the girls.”

So what happened? Well, we know what happened, but after no previous mentions of Bow Wow being in the picture, model Olivia Sky posted a picture of her lil’ bundle of joy early this month. She also put a caption on it that got fans wondering… She went, “My dawg for life.” It did not escape her followers that the little baby looked like Bow Wow.

Again, as far as we can tell he has no references to Olivia Sky at all. She doesn’t have a single pic referring to her pregnancy either… nothing since April. She has since taken the post down, but it appears Olivia’s point was made.

This brings us to today with Bow Wow’s baby reveal and quasi-admission. However, he did release a song recently about talking to his daughter, Shai Moss, 9, about the prospect of having a new baby brother. It’s called “D.W.M.O.D.” (Dealing with my own demons) and the lyric goes…

“Shai asking about a brother, I don’t know what to say. That’s gone be one of them talks we have face-to-face. I’m looking in his eyes, I’m trying to see me in him. I’m peeping out his swag, and I see the resemblance.”

To most, through these lyrics it already seemed Bow Wow was admitting that “Billie Jean” actually was his lover, and the kid really is his son… We could do this all day… Anyway, congratulations to Bow Wow on his new baby boy! Until the next time it drips….

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