On Friday morning Tamika Palmer, the mother of slain EMT Breonna Taylor, finally offered her thoughts on Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron and his decision not to charge any of the officers involved in Breonna’s killing. Her statement was delivered by her sister, Bianca Austin, and in it Tamika said she never had confidence in AG Daniel Cameron.

Tamika said she thought he lacked proper experience, and she felt from the beginning he had, “already chosen to be on the wrong side of the law.” To her point, Daniel Cameron is the same Kentucky AG that gleefully took the spotlight at this summer’s Republican Convention and made a highly political “red meat” speech in the middle of an already very tense investigation over Breonna Taylor’s death.

You might think a more experienced Attorney General anywhere would avoid the appearance of blatant, naked political ambition while presiding over a highly charged police killing with nationwide attention.

Breonna Taylor’s mother thinks the apparent decision by a grand jury not to place charges on any of the policemen that killed Breonna reaffirmed her belief the justice system is not meant to protect black people at all, as more black men, women, and even children continue to die at the hands of police across the country.

In fact, the only officer charged from the incident was Brett Hankison, the cop who wildly fired his gun 10 times into Breonna’s home from the outside. They charged him with wanton endangerment for 3 shots into Breonna’s neighbors apartment, not Breonna’s apartment. In essence, AG Daniel Cameron only charged Brett Hankison because he DIDN’T shoot Breonna Taylor.

Whatever unscrupulous, secret meeting AG Cameron ended up having with that grand jury, one thing is for certain now… it must have been a truly disgusting deliberation. The injustice over the death of Breonna Taylor continues.

Addressing the crowd gathered, lawyer Benjamin Crump also made note of the fact that AG Daniel Cameron’s report didn’t even mention Breonna Taylor’s name, not one time – truly symbolic of just how insulting a document it must be. Until the next time it drips….

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