Rapper Rubi Rose is white hot again and at a familiar ex-boyfriend… that’s right, Lil Tjay. Over the weekend the “Laneswitch” artist posted a picture of himself on a tour bus cuddled up with a girl identified as Rubi Rose’s best friend with a caption saying, “Can’t tell me nun negative about her … We on the same page. We good!”

Well the posting did not escape his former hookup buddy Rubi Rose… it appears Rubi got fire hot mad. The “He in his Feelings” rapper went off over social media, but mostly at her so called bestfriend.

On her Twitter account, Rubi shouted out, “Let’s talk about backstabbing best friends,” as she went on a full fledged tweet storm. She also griped, “It be the girls playing innocent and good girl that be the most FUC**** up and ran thru.”

You’ll remember it was just a few months ago that Lil Tjay and Rubi Rose hit the blogosphere with their relationship on a lover’s weekend, only to quickly have it all go up in flames by the end of the same trip. Lil Tjay posted a video of a distraught Rubi Rose arguing with him about paying for her plane ticket back home… the whole thing was just extremely embarrassing.

Lil Tjay actually got a lot of flack for treating Rubi badly, but it never seemed like that message sunk in for the young rapper. For some reason it looks like the bad blood between the two rappers is still brewing… go figure. We’ll let you know who strikes next. Until the next time it drips…

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