Chaka Khan

R&B legend Chaka Khan spoke her mind in a shocking interview recently, and the whole incident has fans of a certain pop queen pretty pissed off. Apparently, when asked if she’d like like to work with Ariana Grande, Chaka Khan said “fuc* her!”

Please, check the whole quote so you can get the full context…

“F*ck her, she’s alright. She’s good on her own. She don’t need… plus, I don’t wanna sing with another woman. I ain’t got nothing to say with a woman. You say it by yourself. We ain’t gonna talk about no man. We not gon’ do none of that stuff. It’s not happening.”

She was talking to comedian Luenell for VladTv, who reacted to Chaka Khan’s words by saying, only a “boss bit**” can say things like that. The “Tell Me Something Good” icon responded with… “And I could do it. I’m not gon’ do no song with no heffa.” Yes, Chaka Khan did that, as Luenell sat back in awe.

Of course Chaka Khan is one of the most well known singers in the world, and at 66 years old has displayed a lifetime of diva behavior. Still, this unprovoked bomb in the “Thank you, Next” singer’s direction is kind of gringe worthy and hot at the same time. But we blame Luenell – she shoulda never brought it up.

Until the next time it drips…

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