Rapper Bobby Shmurda has been locked away in a New York state prison for six years and early last month was given the bad news he would not be paroled. Originally convicted on gang conspiracy, firearms, and drug charges back in 2014, the “Hot Ni99a” rhymer and his fans had high hopes for his release, but the parole board decided not to take the chance.

Why? New transcripts have just been obtained by TMZ that show not only Bobby Shrumda’s plea to the parole board, but most importantly, their reasons for denial. Apparently the rapper has been up to some of the same old tricks behind bars as he was when he was on the streets. The documents cite allegations Bobby Schmurda was caught with a shank in lockup, has been fighting, and has actually had his hands on drugs inside prison walls.

It’s unclear if the reference to Bobby having a shank came from his 4-year conviction in 2015 for smuggling in sharp prison contraband, which he’s serving concurrently with his 7-year bid. Still, either way you slice it, Bobby Shmurda’s time inside has been dirty. He won’t be out until December 2021.

We’ve learned that, as expected, Bobby Shmurda appealed to the board saying that at 26 years old he’s basically a changed man and too “grown” to fight anymore. He told them he wanted to help at risk youth, lead by example, and use his platform as a Hip Hop artist to change lives. However, given his track record behind bars, the parole board didn’t buy it.

Only time will tell if Bobby Shmurda’s opportunities will still be available to him when he gets out, but if the last six years have been any indication, all he’s got to do is make it to the door. Stay strong Bobby Shmurda. Until the next time it drips…

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