Rapper Young Thug seems to be in a bit of legal trouble. His longtime driver is threatening a lawsuit against the YSL Records boss. Apparently he says Young Thug got him beat up by a gang of thugs at a house party in Los Angeles last May.

The chauffeur’s name is Derrick Thrasher, and according to him, Young Thug invited him to a party where he got into a heated argument with one of Young Thug’s protégés – a rapper named Lil Duke. Young Thug has often referred to Lil Duke as his “twin” over social media.

Thrasher says he left the party to avoid any further conflict, but later had to return because, you guessed it, the boss needed a ride home. However, all he did was walk right back into an a** whooping.

TMZ obtained a letter to Young Thug where Thrasher’s lawyers, Paul M. Aloise Jr. and Ryan P. Molaghan, say their client was punched, kicked, and held down while someone smashed a liquor bottle over his head. They say Thrasher was beaten so badly he needed surgery. No details on who he believes actually did the beating, but Thrasher puts the blame squarely on Young Thug’s shoulders.

Derrick Thrasher is threatening to sue Young Thug, Lil Duke, and both artists’ record labels unless he gets paid proper right now. A good question to ask… did Young Thug actually lure him back to the party or did he assume and return on his own?

It’ll be interesting to see where this one goes. We’ll bring you the latest – until the next time it drips….

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