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King Von Shoot Out

This is surveillance video of the shootout outside of the Monaco Hookah Lounge in Atlanta, Georgia where rapper King Von was killed. As you can see, it’s a chaotic scene that starts with a fist fight before shots are fired. It appears King Von was shot point blank range while he was engaged in a fist fight.

There’s mounting evidence rapper Quando Rondo was also involved in the situation, as he and King Von have a long standing hip hop beef. We’ll bring you more details about that angle as they become available. Until the next time it drips….


Rapper King Von was shot to death in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. overnight. TMZ reports two groups of men got into an altercation outside a club called Monaco Hookah Lounge. For some reason they started to fire on each other and King Von was fatally shot, along with two others.

Atlanta police say in all six people were shot. Three needed medical attention on scene while the other three fled. All three that took off wound up fighting for their lives in Atlanta area Emergency rooms. It’s also being said there was a strong police presence at the club before the shots rang out, but somehow that didn’t stop the gun battle from going down.

Interestingly, there are rumors floating around claiming the Atlanta police shot King Von, but the Department put out a statement emphatically denying the assertion. They insist the rapper was shot before APD jumped into the deadly scene. APD also says King Von initially fled the scene, but he too wound up in the hospital where he eventually succumbed to his injuries.

King Von’s longtime girlfriend, rapper Asian Da Brat, posted about her loss saying… “Come Hold Me Again Von…. I Can’t Do It Without You I’m Empty I Just Wanna Close My Eyes & Never Open Them Again.”

King Von was definitely an artist on the rise, but getting lots of attention for having rap beefs with various artists. It was just last week when King Von released a studio album called Welcome To O’Block. His camp was excited to release his video for the song “Armed and Dangerous” just today, but it looks like that has been put on hold.

Details are still emerging as to what all happened, and we all know police aren’t always trustworthy, so check back for more information soon. Until the next time it drips…

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