Youngboy Never Broke Again’s brother was shot in the leg over the weekend in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. They call him “NBA Big B,” and reports are he’s at a hospital in stable condition. He and another man were apparently dropped off at a Baton Rouge gas station after getting shot, and from what we’re hearing, the other man is now dead.

It’s being speculated in the hip hop world that the attempt on Big B’s life has something to do with the death of Chicago rapper King Von. He was killed outside a club in Atlanta, Georgia a few weeks ago in an alleged fight turned shootout with rapper Quando Rondo and his crew. Most believe NBA Youngboy and Quando Rondo are closely aligned.

As for Big B… he is said to be the man seen on video seemingly laughing and taunting the day after King Von’s untimely killing. In the video, Big B said, “The jokes on you. You dissed now you getting rapped on.” Because of this, most fans worry Big B’s shooting may be a King Von retaliation beef.

The assailant in the situation is also said to be dead, but we’re working to confirm as many details as we can. Until the next time it drips….

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