Kanye West surprised R&B superstar Chris Brown with a beast of an ATV machine recently. TMZ reports the Sherp ATV was delivered to Chris Brown’s home in Tarzana, California by Kanye’s manager, Bu Thiam.

The “Go Crazy” singer seemed extra stoked when he saw the massive vehicle being brought onto his property. He also couldn’t wait to post his elation to his millions of fans over social media. With a picture of himself standing on top of his present, Chris Brown said, “THANK YOU KANYE” … complete with a heart emoji.

Gifting toys like this is something the GOOD Music founder and former Presidential candidate has recently started doing in an effort to show appreciation for deserving artists while they are still here, presumably with the notion no man is promised tomorrow. From what we hear, Kanye gave one of these massive ATVs to rapper 2 Chainz a couple months ago too.

As for Chris Brown, Kanye West decided to send his gift with a personalized note saying…

“Congratulations to Chris brown, 20 years in the game you have overcome many hurdles and obstacles, you deserve the recognition for all the hard work you have put in.”

We’re told Kanye also uses several Sherp ATVs on his own land. These monsters cost about $120,000 each. Yeezy is definitely shelling out major ‘guapage’ for his friends. Just between us, you can’t help but wonder if Kanye West is really angling to scoop these veteran artists up on their next record deal signings.

Until the next time it drips….

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