Rapper Quando Rondo was all set to rock a show Friday night in Macon, Georgia, but just before showtime it was abruptly canceled. Quando announced over social media that the gig had actually been called off by the city’s Mayor and the police, not by him – no doubt because of the beef going on between Quando Rondo and associates of late rapper King Von.

Quando Rondo also seemed to provide proof the Mayor and the cops had the right idea. In another posting Quando seemingly called out King Von associate 600 Breezy by name and basically said he (Quando) and his crew were ready for him. Specifically Quando said…

“That sh*t got me blowed… cause we been ready. On 6-0, we been ready to put a, yeah, another ni99a, yeah, under, yeah!”

You’ll remember, rapper King Von allegedly died at the hands of Quando Rondo’s crew a few weeks ago outside of an Atlanta club. In response it appears obvious that rapper 600 Breezy has been menacing Quando Rondo ever since the incident. A particular point of contention – Quando spoke out about the shooting in a recent song called “End of Story.” In it he defends the use of deadly force and basically blames King Von for his own death.

Word is 600 Breezy has been daring Quando Rondo to come out and perform the song in public. When the show in Macon got canceled, 600 Breezy posted these words to his social media acccount… “A whole hoe out chea.”

The conflict between the two camps is starting to reach a fever pitch, and from what we’ve noticed, fans on both sides are actually encouraging the artists toward violence. It looks like the good work of high ranking civil servants in Macon, Georgia may very well have averted more senseless violence in Hip Hop. Let’s hope cooler heads will eventually prevail.

We’ll keep a watch on the situation for sure – until the next time it drips….

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