A new player has entered the drama that keeps on giving between super producer London on da Track and his baby mamas – London’s manager, who calls himself “Big Homie” online. The Shade Room reported Monday that he launched an all out attack on London’s baby mamas, calling them “Cap a** hoes” among other things.

His ire was mostly pointed at Erica Racine, who has a son with London, but he name checked other mothers of London’s kids too. Evidently London’s manager tried deleting his statements, but Erica was able to capture much of what he posted and she granted access. In a tirade, London’s manager lashed out at her saying…

“U flew to Miami/Columbia to get ur a** done, but U never, ever, ever, bought ur son absolutely noth’n… Since he was born!!!”

This coming immediately after London released a controlled statement saying he wasn’t going to let “heightened emotions,” as he put it, “trick [him] into disrespecting the mothers of any of [his] children.” It looks like London found someone else to do that job for him.

Erica Racine, who is an exotic dancer living in Atlanta, decided she wasn’t going to take it and clapped back, saying, “I find it funny how he will use you to say all this sh*t to me, but he only posts a fake a** statement. You’re aware that you just fu**ed up his whole case…”

Erica denied not wanting to see her son explaining she was with him at London’s mother’s house in Arizona for six weeks during the pandemic. She says her life is in Atlanta and that’s where her son should be too, but claims London is even blocking communication with her.

This a saga that recently saw London’s now pregnant R&B superstar girlfriend, Summer Walker, publicly break up with him, call him “lame,” then declare herself single. Without Summer Walker to back him up, perhaps London and his manager are starting to feel pressed. Many fans are wondering why London’s manager cares so much about his baby mamas anyway.

Erica also says, for the record, London is not actually caring for their son because he’s always in L.A. recording, but lives in Arizona. She says his mom is really doing all the work. In light of that, Erica Racine wants her son with her, and despite what London’s manager charges, Erica insists she’s bought her son plenty with her own hard earned money.

The situation has totally blown up online, just messy, messy. We’ll bring you the latest as soon as we get more. Until the next time it drips….

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