Antonio Brown is again in hot water over his rape accusation case. The wide receiver has been ordered to pay $100,000 because he violated the terms of a confidentiality agreement he has with Britney Taylor, a fitness trainer and former college friend that sued Antonio over rape allegations.

Taylor brought her suit in 2019, but she swears Antonio Brown has raped her several times over the years, including once in 2018 that TMZ reports was a “violent rape.”

She asked an arbitrator in the case to reward her compensation after Antonio violated their confidentiality agreement by taking a snapshot of a direct message he got concerning their case and sending it over social media. After an investigation, the arbitrator agreed with Britney Taylor and ruled in her favor.

Aside from a recent injury threatening to keep him sidelined for the NFC title game, things had been looking up for the Tampa Bay Buccaneer. We’re told he’s definitely challenging the ruling, but for now… it has been so ordered. Britney Taylor 1, Antonio Brown 0.

Until the next time it drips….

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